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Monumental Inscription (Section F.)

In memory of John Galletly (writer) "and sometime editor of the Dundee Advertiser" who died on the 4th July, 1839 and Elizabeth his wife, who died on April, 1840. Erected by John Galletly (Banker, Geelong Australia) their younger son 1855 also in memory of Elizabeth, (sister German of the erectors) who died 1st March, 1829 aged 4 months; and of Catherine Rodgers, (their sister Consanguinean) who died 22nd October 1840 aged 22 years, and James their brother (Consanguinean ) who died 9th May 1843 aged 23 years.

Reproduced from "Register of gravestone inscriptions in Constitution Road, compiled ca 1960." with kind permission of Dundee City Archives.

Register of Lairs 1848-1902

Lair Purchaser Of Lair Or Plot
1412 Family Of Late John Gellatly, Writer.

Register 7 1855-1860

Date of Interment Register Number Name Age Plot Number
01/03/1855 302 Ann Sims Or Taylor 64 Years 1412 C

Register 4 1836-1843

Interment date Register No Name Designation Date of death Age Place of Birth Cause of death Plot No
27/04/1840 877 Elizabeth Smith widow of John Galletly, Writer 20/04/1840 41 years Kirkcaldy Consumption 1412 A
15/05/1843 1005 James Gellatly Clerk 09/05/1843 23 years Edinburgh Consumption 1412 B
11/07/1839 1112 John Galletly Writer 04/07/1839 46 years Perth Consumption 1412 B
26/10/1840 1454 Catharine Galletly Daughter of the Late John Galletly, Writer 22/10/1840 22 years Edinburgh Consumption 1412 C
23/02/1843 593 Elizabeth Gellatly Daughter of James Gellatly, Clerk 20/02/1843 8 Months Dundee Hooping Cough 1412 C
05/12/1841 155 Margaret Ure Daughter of James Ure, Manufacturer 01/12/1841 19 years Perth Consumption 1412 C