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EDMUND BAXTER, son of Mr Baxter, manufacturer, Dundee, was the third youngest of a family of twelve.
He received his early education in Dundee, after which he attended for several sessions at the University of Aberdeen. He subsequently went to Edinburgh, where he prosecuted the study of the law, having selected it as his profession. In 1836, he commenced business in Dundee, and was very soon recognised as an able and judicious lawyer. His opinions were always well considered ; and as a pleader, he had few superiors at the local bar. He was a fluent speaker, a sound reasoner, and he always dealt with his subject in a thoroughly hearty, honest way. Mr Baxter never took any prominent part in public affairs. He held a commission as Assistant Procurator-Fiscal, and
for many years was Procurator-Fiscal in the Justice of Peace Courts. In both of these capacities, he discharged his duties with great ability. He died on Thursday, Dec. 21, 1865, at the age of about 57.

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