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Burying Ground._ Some discussion took place relative to the continuance of the practice of burying great numbers of bodies in "pits", as they are called, in the New Burying Ground ; and Mr Dron was called upon for an explanation. Mr Dron said, that all the arrangements as to the Burying Ground had been deliberately considered and approved of by the Council. The present discussion had originated from a communication in a newspaper ; and he should be sorry that the Council should be induced, from statements made by an anonymous writer, to depart rashly from what had previously been assented to. He intended to reply to the communication referred to through the newspapers ; and this being the case, probably the council might delay till such time as they had seen his views on the subject. If they considered his reasons unsatisfactory, they could alter their course accordingly. The discussion then dropped ; Mr Duncan giving notice that at next meeting he would make a motion on the subject, if Mr Dron's explanation was not satisfactory.

Present- Provost Kay ; Baillies Keay, Lawson, and Small ; Dean of Guild Adamson ; Councillors Gardner, Duncan, Ritchie, Kinmond, Keith, Dron, Scott, MacKay, Bruce, and Thoms. Absent- Baillie Anderson ; Councillors Carmichael, Brown, Taws, Boyack, and Fairweather.





©Lamb collection. Reproduced courtesy of Dundee Central Library