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 New Burying Ground

The operations for laying out our New Burying Ground are now preceding with great spirit. A portion of the ground of about eighty yards square is enclosed with a substantial wooden railing, to serve for interments till the whole ground is laid out; and within this enclosure several have already taken up their last abode. The first interment was upon the 6th April current. The Constitution Brae Road is to be widened 15 feet, that it may be the same breadth from Barrack Street to Somerville Place. About 100 yards of the east enclosing wall is already founded. We understand it is intended to erect a parapet wall and railing upon the south, east, and north sides - the west wall to be 10 feet high, for the erection of vaults, catacombs, or tablets. The principal gateway will be from the east, and the buildings requisite for the cemetery upon the south, fronting Bell Street. The whole ground is marked out in spaces of 8 feet by 7, for the erection of headstones, and of 12 feet by 8, for monuments of a superior order. The price for the first is 2/. 2s. - for the latter 6/. 6s. The charges and regulations for interments is to be the same as in the Houff. Between each of these ranges for family burying places a range of the same extent is appropriated for the interments of those whose circumstances prevent them from being purchasers ; by which arrangement the rich and the poor in this cemetery will literally meet together. The walks and borders are to be planted with ornamental trees, shrubs, and flowers, of as great variety and beauty as can be selected. The surface of the ground is to be made as varied and undulating as practicable ; and from the immense quantity of soil already laid down, something very picturesque and beautiful may be expected.




©Lamb Collection, reproduced courtesy of Dundee City Library.