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Dundee Courier - Friday 01 August 1862

Her Majesty's Bounty.—We have much pleasure stating that Her Majesty has been graciously pleased to extend her Royal bounty to Mrs Rattray, wife of Mr
W. Rattray, sailor, Scouringburn. About two weeks ago, as mentioned by us at the time, Mrs Rattray gave birth to three children, one of whom died
shortly afterwards. The case was, by letter, brought under the notice of Colonel the Hon. C. B. Phipps, Keeper of the Privy Purse, by a gentleman
connected with the 'Courier and Argus' office. A reply has now been received. In his note, Colonel Phipps says that, one ot the children having died,
the case does not come within the conditions to which her Majesty's bounty, in such cases, is usually limited. In consideration, however, that Mrs
Rattray is a deserving person, and in poor circumstances, two pounds is given, being one for each of the surviving children.

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