Register of Lairs 1848-1902

Lair Purchaser Of Lair Or Plot
1 Duncan Campbell, Goal Governor.

Register 5 1847-1853

Date Of Interment Register Number Name Designation Date Of Death Age Place Of Birth Cause Of Death Last Place Of Residence Plot Number
28/06/1848 1766 Catharine Jenkine Mackison Daughter Of William Mackison, Governor Of Dundee Prison 24/06/1848 16 Months Dundee Measles Governors House At Prison 1 C

Register 4 1836-1843

Interment date Register No Name Designation Date of death Age Place of Birth Cause of death Plot No
18/06/1839 988 Isabella Campbell Daughter of Duncan Campbell, Gaol Governer 15/06/1839 2 years Glasgow Scarlet Fever 1 B
20/05/1839 847 John Campbell Son of Duncan Campbell, Goal Governer 16/05/1839 9 years Glasgow Scarlet Fever 1 B