This section of the site is being set up to provide a database for the New Howff burial registers. The registers were previously transcribed into a card index and digitised, which was a huge undertaking and a fantastic achievement by all involved. Unfortunately the plot numbers were not transcribed with the entries. The consequence of this is other family members who may have been interred in the same plot can be difficult to track down.

Each plot in the burial ground was split into three lairs or graves labelled A, B and C respectively. A very limited amount of plots also include a lair D. The original plan was to list the lairs onto separate pages, however it became apparent that some family members were interred in different lairs within the same plot, so the decision was made to keep all entries for a plot together.

Currently there are 25,139 burials transcribed here over 1386 plots, these have been obtained from the original registers. At present this covers from April 1836 to August 1860 with more being added over the coming months. The entries have been sorted via the plot number rather than by date meaning that they run out of sequence.

Register 4 06/04/1836 - 25/05/1843 5206 entries.

Register 5 26/05/1843 - 20/07/1853 11799 entries.

Register 6 20/07/1853 - 02/01/1855 1853 entries.

Register 7 02/01/1855 - 24/08/1860 6281 entries.

To access the database, please use the search function above. Dates use the format DD/MM/YYYY.

As time progresses this section will be expanded upon, with information from the main site being migrated over to here.

I would like to thank Iain Flett, former Dundee City Archivist for his encouragement in pushing this project into being.

A very special thanks goes to Simon Goulding and the Dundee Howff Conservation Group for allowing me access to some of their transcribing work of the registers, which meant a huge boost to the project as they supplied just over 9,000 entries from registers 4 and 5.

Darren Eyers FSA Scot.


The burial registers are © Dundee City Archives and the entries are reproduced here with very kind permission.